Mission Statement

"The mission of the Castle Rock Senior Center (CRSC) is to provide educational, social, healthful, and recreational programs. The CRSC also assists in providing for the transportation needs of Douglas County seniors and others as approved by the Board of Directors. All activities of the CRSC shall be conducted on a non-discriminatory basis with regard to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, family status, and national origin."

The Castle Rock Senior Center is a community-gathering place where seniors laugh and learn, find information and assistance and focus on their complete health.

We are a community-gathering place. The Castle Rock Senior Center is a place where people want to be. Seniors from in and around Castle Rock come together to meet each other, learn to know each other, and help each other. We value our 'town within a town' atmosphere.

Seniors laugh and learn. The Castle Rock Senior Center is a place where people play-whether that is card games, or sports, or just talking or being together. We explore the world together through a variety of education and informational offerings-for instance, workshops, speakers, and trips. Learning is fun!

We provide information, referrals, and direct services. The Castle Rock Senior Center is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of information related to aging. We also coordinate a variety of direct services, such as senior transportation, meals, and financial counseling (investment clubs, tax assistance, etc.)

Seniors celebrate their health. The Castle Rock Senior Center is a place where seniors can celebrate their total well-being. We offer visiting nurses, health screenings, and other medical information. More importantly, we provide an environment that encourages seniors to be active, to stay mentally, physically, and socially engaged, to live lives of quality, meaning and dignity.